Donna Margherita is an authentic Italian restaurant

which serves traditional Neapolitan food with a modern twist and is dedicated to southern Italy’s spirit of passion, warmth and loyalty.

Dish by dish, Donna Margherita serves the most authentic flavours

They use centuries old Neapolitan cucina techniques to serve you the bellissimo dishes of southern Italy. A really good authentic Italian restaurantis a rare treat, so if it’s consistently full of Italians, you know you’re in for something great.

Donna Margherita has now refined the menu, focusing on using only the highest quality ingredients, many of which are free range, organically sourced and imported from southern Italy.

Gabriele Vitale, Owner and founder, is passionate about his home city of Naples and what he believes to be its greatest gift to the world — unsurpassed culinary heritage. Ever since he entered Italian catering college as a boy of 14, Gabriele has cooked, learned and absorbed the best from his mentor-chefs and other food professionals.

Gabriele has now taken on an operations role teaching and training his team, developing new recipes and sourcing the best produce. He works closely to perfect healthier recipes with his head chef Claudio and pizza chefs who invented a new pizza with type 1 flour which is healthier than the usual type 00 flour – with the added benefit of Himalayan pink salt which has 84 minerals which help detoxify the body.

Most recently, using a sourdough recipe which the restaurant has been using and refining for ten years

they have created a new pizza base which combines fermented organic honey, organic yoghurt, Himalayan pink salt and type 1 flour.

Owner, Gabriele Vitale says

“I wanted to create a menu which we are able to enjoy, full of flavour yet still remaining healthy for our bodies”

Donna Margherita
Italian restaurant and pizzeria

183 Lavender Hill - Battersea
SW11 5TE London UK
Tel. 0044 (0) 20 7228 2660


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